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We are excited to do our first Single Smoke in a Bar recorded here in Oklahoma, in my studio.  My first release in 2012 was recorded in Nashville at the Tracking Room.  My other 3 albums "Go Big or Go Home and my Christmas album were recorded in at the TMG Studios.  My All of Me Acoustic album was a compilation of Acoustic songs I wrote and bundled in a release.  Smoke in a Bar was pitched to me by Dan Marshall and Tom Petrone.  Great Nashville writers.  I just put together a Studio in my Home and wanted to bring this song to life with some players that I have played with.  So here a Breakdown of some of the players

Susanne Woolley


Susanne is an amazing talent on the fiddle.  Her life revolves around music.  She brings a presence and energy on a live stage and technical savvy in the studio.   She is not limited to her fiddle.  She plays piano, mandolin and vocally brings harmonies and back up vocals.  If she is not teaching music to her students I am pulling her in the studio to record.

Matt Calvert


Matt is one of the hardest working bass players I know.  

I have played with Matt over the last couple of years. He is always getting better at his craft and will work on projects till he is satisfied its the best it can be.  I won't  anything against him for being a lefty.  In fact that has worked out very well,  especially on small stages lol.   He has proved himself in the studio and Smoke in a Bar will be his debut on Bass as a Studio musician.

Marty McDonald


Not sure I can say enough about this guy.  I have been in the Studio with James Mitchell and Joel Key.  James is amazing to watch and really makes things looks effortless in the studio.   Marty in my opinion is one of the most talented musicians I have ever had the joy of playing or working with.  Marty not only played guitar and lead on Smoke in a Bar, he also played the steel.  He is a phenomenal talent and a great guy to be around.   

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