2020 Release All of Me
​End of 2020 Smoke In a Bar

Billy Kelley founder and lead singer of the Billy K Band wrote a compilation of originals.  The acoustic album is a Diary of music he as written over the years. Billy wanted to venture out on his own and put together this album.  Billy says that writing music is a personal and intimate relationship with yourself.   Your putting your feelings out their for everyone to see.  That's not a comfortable thing to do.  These songs end up being a part of your life story.  Yeah I hope people like it but there is a part of me that doesn't want to share it.  Most artists out there are picking songs from Nashville writers. Understand,  I've done that. But when its your baby, something that is personal, it hurts when people criticize.   As a songwriter, you just have to get past it and move on.   

I am currently in my own personal studio cutting a song that was pitched to me.   It's a great song and I feel I can relate to it.  I've got several musician friends helping me out.  I am hoping to have this release by the end 2020.  We will have a video and release date soon.  Stay tuned.